A small combo of the Masala Brass Kollektiv was playing at the funeral cortege for the Niesenberger Garden - here a radio report from Radio Helsinki:

Here's a video of the Masala Brass Kollektiv playing on the ferris wheel at Wonderlend 2017 Christmas market - Big Thx to Markus and Angie:


18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr; Innenstadt, Graz

We will play during the Late Night Shopping in the City of Graz (Stubenberggasse, Schmiedgasse, Murgasse) - Info/Program

 Einkaufsnacht Grazer Innenstadt

abends; Hofkollektiv Wieserhoisl, Nähe Deutschlandsberg

The Masala Brass Kollektiv is travelling to the nice Festival at Wieserhoisl in Western Styria...

Hofkollektiv Wieserhoisl

18:30; Mariahilferplatz, Graz

We play at the Day of Associations of Migrants (City of Graz) at the Mariahilferplatz.

Tag der MigrantInnenvereine

20:30 Uhr; Griesplatz, Graz

We are playing at Grieskram at Griesplatz.


Grieskram September 2017

17:00 Uhr; Omas Teekanne, Nikolaiplatz Graz

We are playing at Omas Teekanne neighborhood party with grandma's cake and bowle... ; )

irgendwann; irgendwo

The Masala Brass Kollektiv supports a Soli-Party for a cultural center in Fehring, further details maybe following...


irgendwann; irgendwo

For sure we are playing at wedding parties too. But this one is a spcial one! ;)


The Masala Brass Kollektiv was on tour through Croatia in celebration of 10-years-jubilee (click here for our route). We had a fantastic week together with lots of street music and a proper birthday celebration.

09:30 Uhr und ca. 12:00 Uhr; Pierre de Coubertin Platz, 1020 Wien/Vienna

We are supporting the kids and visitors of the Children's Run (one day before the Austrian Women's Run) in Vienna for the fourth time. This year we play a second gig around midday, so not only early birds can listen to our concert... ;) - Pictures from 2015:

16:00 Uhr; Brunnenmarkt, 1160 Wien/Vienna

We will join our friends of the MusikarbeiterInnen-Kapelle at the Street-Art-Festival at Brunnenpassage and play some music together.


Brunnenpassage / Straßenkunst-Fest

18:00 bis 21:00 Uhr; Innenstadt, Graz

We will play during the Late Night Shopping in the City of Graz (Stubenberggasse, Schmiedgasse, Murgasse) - Info/Program

 Einkaufsnacht Grazer Innenstadt

17:30 und 19:30; Lendplatz / Santa Lucia, Graz

We will play at this years Lendwirbel at Lendplatz / Santa Lucia.

Lendwirbel 2017

14:00 Uhr; Südtirolerplaz, Graz

We will play at the big Save the Mur Demo in Graz

Rettet die Mur

18:30 Uhr; Cuntra, Griesplatz 5, Graz

Alternative Christmas-Party: The Juju Men (Afrobeat & Afro-Funk Orchestra) and the Masala Brass Kollektiv played nice concerts at Cuntra la Cultra. Pictures from Masala Brass Kollektiv are here, pics from the Juju Men will follow... (pictures: Daniel W.)

19:00 Uhr; Passamtswiese im Stadtpark, Graz

We will visit the refugee camp of hope at the Passamtswiese in Graz. (Picture and press report:


19:30 Uhr; Stockenboi, Kärnten

We played at the little and nice festival Woodstockenboi in Carinthia. (Pictures: Daniel)

18:30 Uhr; Augarten, Graz

We will play at the 13th Chiala Afrika Festival in Graz at the Augarten together with other bands and to put the visitors into a good mood...

Chiala Afrika Festival Graz

14:00 Uhr; Hof 1 des alten AKH, Alserstraße, 1090 Wien

The Masala Brass Kollektiv will play at the opening oft the Südwind Streetfestival at the old AKH in Vienna...

Südwind Straßenfest Wien mit dem Masala Brass Kollektiv

28.04. bis 01.05.2016, Paris

The fanfares mix up - The Masala Brass Kollektiv will play together with bandas from all over Europe in Paris. The festival is orgnazied by La Fanfare Invisible. Details coming soon...

les fanfares s'en mêlantLes fanfares s'en melant - Paris mit Masala Brass Kollektiv

19:30, mo.xx, Moserhofgasse 34, Graz

Thanx to all our visitors and the good mood at mo.xx at our concert together with Juju Men.

3days, Florenz/Firenze

We will celebrate with our friends of Fiati Sprecati from Florence their 15th anniversary with a few gigs: a dinner-concert-party on Friday, some street music in the city of Firenze on Saturday and a music brunch on Sunday. It will be lots of fun!

Fiati Sprecati Firenze/Florenz

This year the Masala Brass Kollektiv held its second Skappa'nabanda! festival for Alternative Brass Music and Street Art in Graz, Austria from 5 to 7 June 2015! We are in the process of creating a comprehensive photo album, so bookmark the page and check it out over the coming days and weeks.

Skappa'nabanda! 2015

 Thanks to all bandas, artists, helpers and to all visitors for an unforgettable Skappa'nabanda!

14:00 Uhr; Adria Wien, Obere Donaustraße 97-99, 1020 Wien/Vienna

We were playing at the Donaukanaltreiben 2015 in Vienna. It was much fun to entertain the visitors. Pictures by Daniel W.:

04.10.2015: Promenadenkonzert - Pavillon im Stadtpark, Graz

20.09.2015: 4. Rauriser Brotfest - Wörth, Rauris

09.09.2015: tag.werk Sommerfest - tag.werk, Mariahilferplatz, Graz

09.08.2015: Hochzeit - irgendwo

09.07.2015: Open Iftar - Fastenbrechen - Färberplatz, Graz

04.07.2015: Graz Benefiz für Erdbebenopfer - Musicnight for Nepal - Club Wakuum, Graz

23.05.2015: Ersatzprogramm Kicken gegen Rechts - Volkshaus, Graz

13.05.2015: Parade für ein Recht auf Klubkultur - Graz 

09.05.2015: Lendwirbel - MBK feat. Vento Sul - Tanzstadl, Graz

02.05.2015: Lendwirbel - Annenstraßenflohmarkt - Annenstraße, Graz

For information and photos of past appearances, visit our Gig archive.

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